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The Task Force on experimentation EXPERIMENT! was set up to enable participants to acquire knowledge and gain experience on experimental approaches through “learning-by doing”. The term “experimental approaches” covered the variety from fully fledged RCTs to more pragmatic and simple, yet systematic and structured piloting, all in real life environment.

The whole setup of the Task Force EXPERIMENT! aimed at mutual exchange and action learning while carrying out such experimental approaches.

It allowed for flexibility in scope and time, as agencies started from different positions and had to follow different schedules with their plans for experiments and pilots.

The Task Force EXPERIMENT! was planned to be organised through a sequence of workshops. However, as the pandemic hit, plans and mode of delivery had to be adapted and the Task Force had to switch to online delivery. Also the content needed to be adapted, as focus and priorities of participating agencies also shifted due to the pandemic. On the positive side, online delivery allowed for opening up participation in a series of open workshops to the whole Taftie network.

The Task Force was established by the Board in June 2019, the final report was approved Feb 2022 and is available here Final Report as well as a link to the IGL blog

in the private area of this website Taftie Members can access the knowledge repository of TF EXPERIMENT! with information on experimentation (general introcuduction and guidelines).