TAFTIE Academy

The TAFTIE Academy was established in June 2009 for the sake of its member organisations. The aim is to improve the skills of the staff and the quality of processes. Therefore a tailor-made programme with trainings, networking workshops and webinars was set up.

The portfolio of the TAFTIE Academy is complementary to the agency’s internal offer and should enable to learn e.g. about innovation policy and RTI programme management in tailored trainings.

These activities also support network building by bringing people together, exchange know-how, bundle experience, share good practices and experiences the challenge of international work. They furthermore foster cooperation between agencies.

The TAFTIE Academy tries not to duplicate activities already on the market.

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Presenting Organisations as webinars

TAFTIE members can present their organisations on a voluntary basis. If you wish to take this opportunity, please contact TAFTIE Academy by writing an e-mail to the head of TAFTIE Academy (Janine Halder, Janine.Halder@ffg.at)


structure for the organisation presentation is foreseen here.


The following agencies already presented themselves – Presentations, recording

– Innovate UK, 25 June 2020

– Innosuisse, 25 August 2020

– VINNOVA (Sweden’s innovation agency), 3 September 2020

– TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey), 22 October 2020

– TA CR (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic), 10 June 2021