/Innovation-driven high potentials group

Support of potential fast growers

Innovation driven High Potentials Group

The purpose of innovation is to create value for society. Boosting innovation capacity and entrepreneurship capacity is a key ingredient for bringing innovations successfully to the market. Since innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurial ecosystems are not entirely overlapping, agencies who want to establish strong connections between the operators, are facing a major challenge.
The purpose of this group is to organise peer learning on how to support innovation-driven companies that have the potential to become fast growers.

In 2023 the Group will organise two 2-days meetings in spring and in autumn.
Dates and places still needs to be decided. The preparatory meetings will be online.

Possible topics to be covered are:
– setting the state of the current support;
– How is support linked to what is happening around high potential companies?
– What are short term and long term needs of these companies?