/Mission and Vision

A Network with a clear
Mission & Vision

The Taftie Mission embodies the reason of the Taftie  existence as well as the role it should fulfill.

Taftie is a network aiming at supporting its members to fulfil their respective mandates in the RTI policy implementation by providing supranational training, access to expert knowledge, peer learning and benchmarking.

We do so by

  • Being a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience, for benchmarking and mutual learning between our members – innovation agencies in Europe, and with our International Partners;
  • Serving as a platform for groups of members to gather for joint action, such as providing access to experiences, knowledge and opinions on implementation practices to serve as input for discussion with national authorities and the European Commission and activities to enhance the impact of the members’ activities according to their respective mandate;
  • Acting as an access point to external partners for collaborations and exchanges with interested groups of its members;
  • Fostering actively exchanges and collaborations with international innovation agencies.
Supporting our members in shaping the future of innovation ecosystems, improving effectiveness and efficiency of public innovation support.

Core values

The core values encompass a set of values important for realising the Taftie vision and articulate rules to which we should adhere in accordance with our Mission

  • Voluntary participation (e.g. in Taskforces, Taftie Academy)
  • Encompassing the heterogeneity that the EC needs to adress in the EU R&I landscape
  • Trust
  • Cooperation in information sharing and exchange
  • Facilitation of effective and efficient interaction on specific topics between our member agencies – first contact for a specific topic for easier access to knowledge
  • No Brussels office
  • No decision-taking sub-authority
  • Taftie does not strive to achieve common positions (single voice) on innovation policy and related matters
  • Taftie does not strive to organise, provide or subcontract any operational activities in the field of direct innovation support