Innovations for sustainable future

Taftie Chair 2021 is SIEA (the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency)

SIEA's Taftie Chairmanship will focus on 5 main topics
  • Resources, environment and climate:
    Dramatically rising energy demand is one of the world’s most pressing challenges. In addition, access to clean water and other non-renewable resources is becoming increasingly important. The promises of new technology is posing question: can ‚green tech‘ be used in a new industrial revolution? Does digital technology create a more inclusive and environmentally-friendly society?
  • Quality of life:
    Population growth, urbanization and globalization present further challenges. Aspirations differ greatly from region to region and among different social groups, but there is a common ambition: people want to improve their individual quality of life
  • EU leadership in healthcare and medical:
    the leadership challenges associated with sustainability are highlighting the links between leadership, innovation, and sustainability. We
    would like to look at the speed of actions and their effect on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 simultaneously from local to EU/global levels; taking into account the complexity of the current situation.
  • Key technology enablers:
    e.g. artificial intelligence and smart cities. We know, that innovation is not a linear process but rather a complex adaptive system involving many actors and institutions operating simultaneously.
  • Co-operation and co-creation:
    Many actors have the power to re-orient innovation systems towards sustainable development through research, advocacy, training, convening, policymaking, and financing. Networking is the way how
    to begin mobilizing investment in inventing suitable and affordable technologies to meet sustainable development objectives; developing measures to engage marginalized populations systematically through all stages of the innovation process; and establishing channels for regularized learning across domains of practice
Chairmanship Programme 2021

The Taftie Executive Committee

Peter Blaskovits
Chairman of the Board
SIEA Taftie Chairmanship 2021
Peter Blaškovitš
Artur Bobovnický_2
Executive Secretary
SIEA Taftie Chairmanship 2021
Artur Bobovnický
Alexandra Vavrdová
SIEA Taftie Chairmanship 2021
Alexandra Vavrdova

The Chairmanship

Jana Heglasová
Jana Heglasova
Michal Muhl