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Task Force CompAct

Task Force CompAct


In May 2014, a preparatory workshop for the Task Force CompAct was held in Brussels on behalf of Vinnova. On 26th November 2014, the Taftie Board decided to establish a Task Force on Competence Centres.


In 2015, the Task Force CompAct began its planned activities and met for three Workshops:

  1. Kick-off workshop in Vienna, 11/12 February
  2. Second workshop in Stockholm, 8/9 June 2015
  3. Third workshop in Oslo, 22-23 October

Eleven Taftie member organisations participated in the Task Force: Enterprise Estonia, Enterprise Ireland, FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Projektträger Jülich, VLAIO (IWT), Innovate Luxembourg, Research Council of Norway, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO NL), TEKES, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR), VINNOVA.

The core team consisted of RCN, Enterprise Ireland, Vinnova and FFG (TF lead). For managing the Task Force, several telephone conferences were held during the year.

In the last working phase CompAct was supported by experts of the Austrian Institute of Technology and Joanneum Research.

The main aims of CompAct were the enhancement of the next generation of CC programs and to gain suitable recommendations for the development of future competence center programs.


In 2016 CompAct met two times in Brussels with the goal to finalise its work. FFG presented the work at the Taftie Board Meeting in January and the results in May.


The final report of the Task Force CompAct was approved by the Board in May 2016.

After the end of the Task Force period, the participants decided to continue as a discussion group on further aspects of the Competence Centres work. It is planned to present the results at the next Taftie Policy Forum 2016.and to publish them in suitable journals.

For further information please contact Reingard Repp (FFG, reingard.repp@ffg.at).

Taftie Members can find more detailed information on the work of the Task Force in the Library section of the Member Area (activities reports).