/Task Force Characterisation of agencies

Getting an overview and comparison of Taftie agencies

Task Force Characterisation of agencies

Final report of the Task Force available: Report

Concept of the Task Force

In November 2020, the TAFTIE Board has approved the implementation of the task force on the characterization of the member agencies.

Overall, the goal of the Task Force is to present the overview and do a comparison of the TAFTIE member agencies with emphasize of the correlation between the strategy and organizational setup and the support programs, both financial and non-financial, as well as other similar activities.

The analysis could help in identifying some of the current gaps in the knowledge, and highlight competences, services and skills that innovation agencies need to develop to successfully operate and support their clients.

Furthermore, these activities will bring forward some important discussions for the future, in relations to the new expected trends in the European market, especially in the relation to the importance of emphasis of the impact of the R&D&I activities through altering and modifying of the support measures.

The task force will be comprised by the representatives from the individual member, supported by the consultant company.

The task force currently consists of 16 member agencies, chaired by the IFS:

ANI, Bpifrance, SIEA, TA CR, Innosuisse, Innovate UK, TTGV, PtJ, Israel Innovation Authority, NKFIH, PARP, Enterprise Ireland plus newly joined: ENEA, VLAIO and FFG.