Task Force Experiment!



Taftie members and International Partners are invited to the third open workshop.
The idea of these workshops is to disseminate the knowledge and better embed experimental thinking in our agencies. 


23 March, 14:00-15:30 CET, Using and developing rapid fire trials

First steps can be hard. As they seek to become experimental, many organisations have found it best to start with a series of quick and low cost trials. Experiments that typically involve testing small changes in communications or procedures with the intention of ‘nudging’ entrepreneurs, researchers or businesses into taking the targeted actions.

In this workshop we will look at the use of these rapid fire trials. Providing examples of how even simple trials can provide valuable results;  information on where to find inspiration for the interventions to test and how to implement a simple trial to evaluate their impact.


Registration is possible for Taftie Members and Taftie International Partners up to and including Friday 19th March via this link






Task Force Experiment!


The Task Force on Experimentation EXPERIMENT! will enable participants to acquire knowledge and gain experience on experimental approaches through “learning-bydoing”. The term “experimental approaches” covers the variety from fully fledged RTCs to more pragmatic and simple, yet systematic and structured piloting, all in real life environment.

The whole setup of the Task Force EXPERIMENT! aims at mutual exchange and action learning while carrying out such experimental approaches.

It allows for flexibility in scope and time, as agencies will start from different positions and will have to follow different schedules with their experiments and pilots.

Some will be able to contribute with their experience from past or ongoing pilots, others will be in the ideation and starting phase, while again other agencies may not carry out any experiments or pilots themselves but want to learn more about experimental approaches. In many cases, experimentation will need to be coordinated with the respective principals, which also calls for flexibility in the Task Force.


The TF will be organised through a sequence of workshops. Workshop locations should rotate so the workshops can be hosted by different agencies.


The Task Force was established by the Board in June 2019 and will be operational till the end of 2021 (including the scheduled dissemination workshop)


In the member area of this website Taftie Members can access the repository of TF Experiment (document section, category Task Forces) will information on experimentation (general introcuduction and guidelines) and the work of the Task Force.