TF Experiment open workshops May & June 2021


Coming soon: the next open workshops! This time the program consist of two workshops:

Completing trial design and getting ready for implementation

17 May 2021, 15:00-16:30 CEST

8 June 2021, 13:45-15:45 CEST

A successful experiment starts with firm foundations. Being experimental involves trying something new but crucially also putting in place the necessary structures to find out if it works.
In this session we will discuss why upfront planning will be so important for your policy experiments, especially when applying Randomised Control Trials. We will introduce the vital tool for experimenters – the Trial Protocol. This captures in advance the entire plan for the trial, from the question to be answered through to how information will be collected and analysed. Following the session you will understand what goes into completing this essential document and the rewards from doing so.
In the following session we will go deeper into the elements of the Trial Protocol that can make or break an experiment. Highlighting the challenges that can arise and suggestions on how to address them.

All Taftie members and International Partners are invited.
The idea of these workshops is to disseminate the knowledge and better embed experimental thinking in our agencies.

Please register here by May 12: REGISTRATION LINK