/Working Group SDGs in Taftie agencies

SDGs in TAFTIE agencies                                                        

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address global challenges and provide a framework to take action. They are used at different levels to direct policies, strategies and actions, by public and private actors. SDGs are an interesting tool that can be used in innovation agencies to support their contribution to face the societal challenges, either at a strategic level (set priorities), an operational level (select programmes or projects) or for monitoring of the portfolio.

The Taftie Working Group on SDGs in Taftie agencies was set up in 2021  to promote collective learning and sharing of  experiences. The WG is coordinated by VLAIO (Belgium).

The core activities are short online workshop (max 2 hours). Each agency gets the opportunity to present their experiences and lessons learned (one case per workshop). This allows to present more details during the presentation of the case and it also allows a more in depth discussion between participants.

For additional information: Geert Thorrez  geert.thorrez@vlaio.be