TTGV – Turkey

TTGV is a leading public-private partnership in Turkiye with a mission to increase the competitiveness of the private sector by promoting and supporting technology development and innovation activities. Since its establishment in 1991, TTGV had an active role in the promotion of the national technology and innovation system and its linkages to the international networks.

The main objectives of TTGV are:
· Creating a flexible, consistent, and dynamic business and trust platform, which provides a network commensurate with different experience and capabilities
· Being an “embedded” extension of a complex ecosystem which will support the vision “Technology Generating Turkey”
· Enhancing innovation intensity in exports

TTGV designs, develops and implements activities to provide reference and build capacity for value added operations, processes and products to support the vision of “Technology Developing Turkey”.

TTGV explores the areas it targets according to the changing competition needs faced by the private sector, develops new tools and models for their development, and implements exemplary applications for their dissemination. In a world where competition dynamics are rapidly changing, TTGV follows and interprets trends as a game changer. It designs, implements, and transparently shares new models that the private sector can turn risks into opportunities.

TTGV has established the first ever public funded program to support technology development in the private sector and since then it consistently has been the part of many firsts in Turkish innovation ecosystem, like first national clean production and symbiosis support program; development of venture capital ecosystem; establishment of first technoparks; first technology think-tank program, innovation-based community program and crowdfunding program. Since 2023, TTGV has a special focus on Climate Technologies and established a special focused venture capital investment fund to realize first-of-its-kind climate technology projects and triggering market formation.

The foundation maintains its strong background in project management and network building, and contributes to the ecosystem through strategic, intellectual and social means by designing concept activities and developing flexible collaborations where necessary.

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33 permanent (in addition, >2000 experts by contract for the support of various activities).

Hanzade Sarıçiçek
Cyberpark Cyberplaza B Blok Kat: 5-6 Bilkent
06800 Ankara
phone: +90 (312) 265 02 72 fax: +90 (312) 265 02 62