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TTGV is one of the leading public-private partnerships in Turkey with a mission to promote and support technology development and innovation activities by the private companies. Since its establishment in 1991, TTGV assumed an active role in the promotion of the local technology and innovation system and its linkages to the international networks. TTGV was established to operate the first ever public funded program to support technology development in the private sector and since then it consistently has been the part of many firsts including those in venture capital and private equity.


The main objectives of TTGV are;

·         Creating a flexible, consistent, and dynamic business and trust platform, which provides a network commensurate with different experience and capabilities

·         Being an “embedded” extension of a complex ecosystem which will support the vision “Technology Generating Turkey”

·         Enhancing innovation intensity in exports



TTGV designs, develops and implements activities to provide reference and build capacity for value added operations, processes and products to support the vision of “Technology Developing Turkey”. The Foundation maintains its strong background in project management, project appraisal and financial management, and contributes to the ecosystem through strategic, intellectual and social means by designing concept activities and developing flexible collaborations where necessary.
– Commercialisation of Technology: Enabling the outcomes of information and research to be commercialised through technology and innovation. TTGV supports them to be transformed into high value added goods and services, and to technology entrepreneurship stemming from innovative medium-sized industrial corporations and research institutions.

– Industrial Creativity: In the course of transformation of information into value creating goods and services, TTGV offers digital and physical interfaces that provide the opportunity to utilize social capital and diverse experiences.

– Regional and Industry-Specific Innovation: In order to improve national and/or international competitiveness of regions or sectors, in collaboration with local adminstrations and cooperation organisations from different regions of Turkey, TTGV conducts projects and renders consultancy services associated with the identification of the current situation, and the implemnetation of identified strategies and action plans.

– Venture Capital and Fund Management: TTGV has been active in the development of a Venture Capital (VC) sector in Turkey. it promotes greater understanding of VC finance in the country and establishment VC legislation in line with international good practices. TTGV’s corporate structure gives it flexibility to act as an effective device for public participation in VC markets development.

35 permanent (in addition, >2000 experts by contract for the support of various activities).



Dr. E. Serdar Gokpinar
Cyberpark Cyberplaza B Blok Kat: 5-6 Bilkent, 06800 Ankara Turkey
phone: +90 (312) 265 02 72
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