SPIRIT Slovenia

SPIRIT Slovenija (sloveniabusiness.eu)

SPIRIT Slovenia as a national agency is entrusted with the regulatory, expert and development tasks serving to increase competitiveness of Slovenia’s economy in the area of entrepreneurship, internationalization, foreign investment, and technology.


The Agency’s mission is to be an active player in the business environment and ensure the competitiveness and promotion of the Slovenian economy. SPIRIT Slovenia strives to become an institution that offers Slovenian companies effective and comprehensive support for development and promotion on the global competitive market.

The Agency will realize its mission through the linking of knowledge and competencies from all key, inter-related areas, which represent a pre-condition for the competitiveness of the economy, with the objective of increasing added value, creating quality jobs and building long-term competitiveness.

84 M€ in 2021


A big part of the agency’s work is helping Slovenian companies to increase their competitiveness and accelerate their technological development.

SPIRIT Slovenia is also keen to help ambitious young entrepreneurs, encouraging them to start a business and giving them all the necessary information in that regard.

SPIRIT Slovenia provides support to Slovenian economy in the following most important areas:

  • Entrepreneurship and Technology Promotion Department
  • Financial Incentives Department
  • Internationalisation Promotion Department
  • Foreign Direct Investments Department

The agency is a part of EEN consortium and the NCP for EIC and EIT instruments.

SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency has a staff of 77 persons


SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency
Verovškova 60
SI-1000 Ljubljana
e-mail: info@spiritslovenia.si