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The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) is a state agency, which has supported entrepreneurship for 18 years now. From the very beginning of its activity, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) focused on a development of entrepreneurship, innovation and implementation of EU Structural Policy. Over the years, the Agency gained considerable organizational potential which allows for the implementation of complex projects and tasks requiring appropriate flexibility and great involvement of its employees. The Agency has the adequate potential to develop into a public institution that operates in compliance with the best global standards – into an institution that contributes greatly to the fulfilment of objectives of highest priority for the development of Poland.


  • The principal “Think Small First”

PARP is involved in the implementation of national and international programmes financed from the EU structural funds, state budget and multiannual programmes of the European Commission. As a key authority responsible for creating a business-friendly environment in Poland, PARP contributes to the creation and effective implementation of the state policy related to enterprise, innovation and staff adaptability. Pursuant to the principle “Think Small First”, in all its activities the Agency puts a particular emphasis on the needs of the SME sector.


  • Strategic objectives

The Agency implements six strategic objectives:

  • –   To support the development of new ideas and business models,
  • –   To initiate and comprehensively support innovative activity of enterprises,
  • –   To support SMEs in entering foreign markets,
  • –   To build links and support cooperation among enterprises and their environment,
  • –   To assist public authorities in the creation of innovation policies,
  • –   To create and promote innovative solutions in the public sector.


  • Core activities

Six major areas of activities implemented by the PARP are:


  • Start-up market

Entrepreneurs starting up their activity have original business ideas and the ability to refine them. However, each start-up comes to a moment at which the skill, creativity and belief in success are no longer enough. PARP offers funds which make it easier to take another step.

  • Training and skills improvement

PARP offers training and other services which help entrepreneurs answer the strategic questions: what is the company going to be like in several years, what will I produce, to whom do I want to sell it, what skills and resources do I need.

  • Investment in innovation

What are customers looking for? Something attractive, trendy, unique and surprising, iin a word – innovation. Companies investing in innovation are ahead of their competition because they are reaching where nobody has reached before. Therefore, PARP offers support for entrepreneurs wishing to implement innovation.

  • Services for entrepreneurs

Innovations are not out of the blue. They need a favorable environment, as is a team game. An entrepreneur is a playmaker who has an idea for a product, service or technology, however, the product would benefit from some help from midfielders, defenders and maybe even a coach. PARP helps the entire team by supporting the entrepreneurs directly, as well as Business Support Organisations.

  • Internationalisation

Entering foreign markets with products and services opens up new possibilities for companies, but it also constitutes a serious challenge of financial, organizational and marketing nature. PARP facilitates foreign expansion of SMEs through a number of various activities, e.g.:

  • Information Point for International Public Procurement

Information Point for International Public Procurement has been launched by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development to introduce domestic SMEs to global tender marketplace including public procurement in the European Union, the United Nations System, the World Bank Group, and other countries and institutions. More information will be found:


Improving SMEs Access to Cross-Border Public Procurement. Public procurement is a critical factor for the success of SMEs. The aim of the SESAM is to put SMEs in the position where they can apply to relevant procurements confidently. To achieve these goals various tools are offered, e.g. trainings, seminars, webinars, publications and more. Project SESAM was initiated in 2017 and it will provide knowledge and support that are necessary for a successful participation in public procurement within European Union and in particular in France, Germany, Italy and Poland. More information will be found:

  • Infrastructure for development

Investment projects resulting in better use of environment-friendly public transport, adaptation of vehicles to the needs of people with disabilities and new connections in so-far unsupported urban areas can apply to be co-financed under the Sustainable Urban Transport programme. It may It is targeted at the administrations of 5 urban centres of Eastern Poland: Białystok, Kielce, Lublin, Olsztyn and Rzeszów.


€ 300 m (2018)


566 employees



Michał Polański


Entrepreneurship Support Department