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National Centre for Research and Development

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) is Polish executive agency of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, established in 2007.

NCBR is a centre for supporting and developing innovative technological and social solutions, creating an ecosystem of knowledge of, and information about, innovation. It organises and implements undertakings contributing to the civilization growth of the country.

The Centre is an executive agency within the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2009 on Public Finance, operating on the basis of the Act of 30 April 2010 on the National Centre for Research and Development and the statute attached to the regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 9 September 2010 on the statute of the National Centre for Research and Development. The functioning of the National Centre for Research and Development also regulates a number of executive and legal acts related to the implementation of programmes financed from European financial instruments.

The support provided by NCBR is mainly addressed to Polish entrepreneurs and the scientific circles. The instruments offered allow for cutting down the risk involved in developing innovative solutions in various areas of Polish economy. The support provided by NCBR also encourages entrepreneurs to invest their own funds in research and development projects launched by domestic companies operating in diverse industries.

Apart from programmes addressed to entrepreneurs, programmes aimed at strengthening cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs, and at supporting scientific units in the process of introducing modern technologies, products and services into the market, constitute essential elements in the Centre’s offer.

Thanks to NCBR’s assistance, scientific units can obtain co-funding to develop concepts for the commercial use of research work outcomes, for acquiring partners interested in implementing project outcomes, and for securing intellectual property rights. The cooperation between scientific units and entrepreneurs related to the implementation of R&D projects aimed at solving clear-cut practical problems provides a unique opportunity for overcoming the barriers resulting from diversified needs and specificities of these environments.

In 2020, in order to effectively fulfil the role of an executive agency, NCBR developed and adopted a new strategy for 2021-2025. It is based on four priorities, i.e. high operational effectiveness, a diversified support offer, a strong international position, and the role of a key knowledge and competence centre. By focusing on these priorities, NCBR will be well suited to effectively support the implementation of projects which are essential for Poland. The long-term objective of the strategy is to transform NCBR into a specialised, modern and effectively-operating executive agency.

1,64 billion EUR (7,4 billion PLN, 2021)


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