Invitalia – Italy

Invitalia is the Italian National Agency for inward investments and economic development. It operates with a mandate from the Italian Government in order to increase the competitiveness of the Country and, in particular, of Southern Italy, and in order to support the most strategic sectors for development and employment.

The Agency supports innovation and industrial development, promotes the creation of new companies and innovative startups, supports public sector in the design and implementation of programs financed by the European Structural Funds, promotes foreign investments as well as measures aimed at boosting competitiveness across the Italian economy.


Invitalia is the National Agency for inward investment and economic development, owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, that is a 100% shareholder. The Agency operates with a mandate from the Italian Government.

The agency’s primary mission is based on:

  • supporting the growth of the production system
  • enhancing the potential of the territories
  • attracting internal investments
  • supporting public administration in the definition of policy and in the use of European and national funds for development

This boosts the country’s economic growth, focusing on strategic sectors for development and employment; it is committed to reviving crisis areas and operates mainly in the South of Italy.
It manages all national incentives that encourage the creation of new companies and innovative startups.
It finances projects both large and small, targeting entrepreneurs with concrete development plans, especially in innovative and high added value sectors.
It provides services to Public Administration to speed up the spending of EU and national funds, as well as to promote cultural heritage.
It is the Purchasing Body and Contracting Authority for the execution of strategic actions at local level.

Invitalia supports strategic and innovative programmes of significant size, including by attracting inward investment with the aim of boosting the country’s production structure.

The Agency is working with both national institutions and local authorities with the aim of:

  • strengthing and supporting businesses and employment
  • supporting major investments
  • facilitating the planning and implementation of development and cohesion policies
  • restoring competitiveness in strategic sectors and territories
  • improving the cultural offering, especially in the South of Italy
  • disseminating innovation in Public Administration
  • creating collaborations between businesses and research
  • increasing the quality of local public services
  • ensuring the strategic execution of actions at the local level

Invitalia’s measures in particular aim at:

  • supporting major investment programs in the industrial, tourism and environmental protection sectors by means of a Development Contract;
  • requalifying and relaunching the depressed, neglected or polluted industrial areas;
  • financing with “Smart&Start program” startups aiming at innovation, which use digital technologies and enhance the research achievements;
  • assisting who wants to build his own independent activity by means of self-employing initiatives, micro-enterprises and franchising activities.

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