Innovation Norway


Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s key instrument to achieve both private and socio-economic profitable business and industry development, working to increase the numbers of good entrepreneurs, companies with growth capabilities, and innovative business clusters. With regional presence both in Norway and abroad, Innovation Norway is uniquely positioned to generate profitable business development and value added based on the regions’ various preconditions and give incentives to business and industry to heighten their ambitions, explore new opportunities and strengthen their capabilities to innovate and grow.


The vision is “to give local ideas global opportunities”.



Innovation Norway support companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. Innovation Norway is a sparring partner for business’ and clusters with unreleased potential, offering financial, advisory and networking services. In addition to this, Innovation Norway has comprehensive assignments regarding business and industry development in rural areas, agriculture and tourism. In addition Innovation Norway has several special assignments like attracting Foreign Direct Investments (Invest in Norway), humanitarian innovation in developing countries and operating European Enterprise Network (EEN).



Approximately €700 million (2018) in annual operating budget allocated to beneficiaries through different services. Approximately half the budget was allocated to businesses as loans. Seventy percent of the total financial services was allocated to innovation projects.



730 employees (2019.01.01)



Pål Aslak Hungnes

Special advisor

Innovation Norway

Department for Innovation policy and analysis


Mobile: 00 47 951 11 401



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