The Agency’s activities include the promotion of establishment and development of small business entities, financing operation and development of small business entities by loans and guarantees issuing for approved loans by creditors as well as promotion of investments in small business. The Agency also provides financial support to innovative and technology-oriented enterprises in Croatia by increasing commercialization of knowledge and awareness about the value of innovations, supporting the transfer of knowledge and technological solutions from the scientific sector to economy, promoting the establishment and development of technology infrastructure and participation in the creation and development of venture capital industry. By supporting the growth and development of SMEs and crafts, it attempts to stimulate Croatia’s economic growth to strengthen the Croatian global competitiveness. The Agency is an independent institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.


HAMAG-BICRO’s support to research and innovation activities of companies and to development of innovation system:

·Intermediary body level 2 for Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts for R&D&I calls for companies within ESIF responsible for implementation of projects within each call and a part of selection process

·Supporting innovation-based companies – measures aimed at innovation-based companies apart from ESIF funds involve mainly HAMAG-BICRO’s programmes, like RAZUM (Development of the knowledge-based companies) and PoC (Proof of Concept) financed through

Ministry of Education and Science through Technology project II (through loan by World Bank)

·Strengthening science-industry cooperation – measures include different programmes like IRCRO (Collaborative research development – STP II) and  EUREKA and Eurostars as international programs

·Supporting innovation and technology transfer at public research organisations – measures include PoC (Proof of Concept) and TTO Support Program (providing support for commercialisation activities of Technology Transfer Offices) – both through STP II project

·Supporting acess to finance to innovative SMEs through seed co-investment fund, microcredits, and guarantees

·Cross border cooperation – PP Light – global grant financed under the CBCCRO:HU where HAMAG-BICRO is the lead partner

·Member of European Enterprise Network in Croatia responsible for innovation

·Acting as a Technical secretariat for implementation of Innovation Strategy and S3 strategy

·Implementing  EU projects (Interreg)- dealing with the testing of new policy instruments, such as PPI2Innovate – implementation of Innovative Public procurement ; Smart Factory Hub  with the topic of smart production based on RIS3 model; KISS ME project that

analyzes the best practices of several projects under the cross-border cooperation.




Approximately EUR 8 million for innovation policy initiatives. This does not include financing from Structural Funds where HAMAG-BICRO acts as Intermediate body level 2 for R&D grant scheme as well as the SME support measures including the financial instruments (Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts). Budget for currently opened calls for R&D&I projects expected to be contracted within 2020 is EUR 200 million.



266 employees



Ante Janko Bobetko, Member of the Board of Directors


Ksaver 208

10000 Zagreb



Neno Rakić, Head of Department – R&D&I ; TAFTIE contact person


Ksaver 208

10000 Zagreb



See also: http://www.hamagbicro.hr/