Estonian Business and Innovation Agency – Estonia

Established in year 2000 Enterprise Estonia today is the key governmental agency in Estonia for promoting business model development and innovation acceleration, trade development, raising foreign direct investments, attracting foreign talent and developing tourism. With offices in 17 foreign markets, Enterprise Estonia serves as a bridge between the Estonian business environment and the world.


Our mission, is building a successful Estonia.

One of the biggest challenges for the Estonian economy is to move from among countries with average added value towards countries with high added value. To this end, Estonian enterprises need to develop more sophisticated products, provide more expensive services, and expand their operations in foreign markets. Therefore, Enterprise Estonia is addressing two major market failures, which are limited product development of enterprises and concentrated exports to a few specific markets. Exporting enterprises serve as the main basis of the Estonian economy, as exports account for 80% of the total output thereof.

The Estonian Investment Agency is primarily focused on attracting development centres, highly automated industry, and smart capital to Estonia. The aim is to seek more foreign investments in Estonian rural areas in order to revitalise Estonian life as evenly as possible.

The tourism sector accounts for nearly 8% of Estonia’s GDP. To ensure the quality and competitiveness of Estonia as a tourist destination, it is important to ensure the comprehensive development of the sector. For this purpose, Enterprise Estonia is engaged in the development and introduction of Estonian tourism products to foreign tour operators, as well as the training of Estonian tourism enterprises. It is also important to promote Estonia as an attractive holiday destination through campaigns and the website of Visit Estonia.

€95 m in 2021.


Enterprise Estonia performs its mission by assisting companies with training, consultation and funding in the following areas:

  • business model development and innovation acceleration
  • trade development
  • raising foreign direct investments
  • attracting foreign talent
  • developing tourism.



Madis Truupõld
Developments manager
Enterprise Estonia
Lasnamäe 2
11412 Tallinn