ENEA – Italy


ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment is a public undertaking operating in the fields of energy, the environment and new technologies to support competitiveness and sustainable development.

ENEA is mainly called upon:

  • to promote and carry out basic and applied research and innovation technology activities, also through prototypes and product industrialization;
  • to disseminate and transfer technologies, encouraging their use in productive and social sectors;
  • to provide high-tech services, studies, tests and evaluations to both public and private bodies and enterprises.

To these aims and in the sectors falling within its areas of competence, ENEA:

  • carries out complex research, development and demonstration projects, mainly technology and engineering — based, sets up and operates major scientific apparatus;
  • assesses the level of advanced technologies development, as well as their economic and social impacts, also on demand by public administrations;
  • promotes collaboration with foreign bodies and institutions, also for defining technical regulations and participation to major research programmes and international organizations, providing its (specific)expertise;
  • promotes, fosters and supports innovation technology processes in the national production system, especially in small and medium — sized enterprises;
  • collaborates with regions and local administrations to promote productive development of local resources, through joint actions;
  • promotes technical and professional training and competency of researchers, also through ad-hoc agreements with national and international universities.


ENEA’s budget for the year 2008 amounts to about €320 Million.


Besides R&D and demonstration work in the fields of renewable energies and energy conservation, of nuclear fusion and fission and of the environment, ENEA’s activities in the sector of innovation concern mainly the development, diffusion and transfer into the productive systems of key advanced technologies, including lasers, robotics, new materials, chemical processes and treatments, information processing, cryogenics, electron accelerators and agro-biotechnologies. Typical technology transfer initiatives are: innovation promoting projects, in Italy and abroad, in industrial districts characterised by a large number of traditional enterprises mainly SMEs; centres for technology demonstration and application set up with local authorities and industrial operators; regional networks providing information on available technologies, applicable legislation, domestic and international incentives, market opportunities.


ENEA employs a staff of about 3000 people operating in research centres and technology diffusion units throughout Italy.


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