DAHES – Denmark

DAHES (Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science)



The Agency was established 2017 based on elements from the two former agencies for Innovation and for higher education. The Agency creates the foundation for knowledge and wealth through allocation and administration of grants and funding to institutions within higher education and innovation, grants for students, as well as it supervises public research and innovation funds in Denmark.



DAHES is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and responsible for the following policy areas.

The Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants has undertaken tasks which used to belong under the two former agencies: the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Danish Agency for Higher Education. The former agencies were closed 31 December 2016.

The agency has primary responsibility for institutions that fall under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, including all higher education institutions, public research foundations, GTS institutes (The Danish RTO’s), Innovation netvorks, Incubators etc. The agency allocates and administrates grants and funding to institutions and has the main contact and dialogue with institutions and public research and innovation foundations regarding targets and results and administration.

The agency also has primary responsibility for SU (Danish students’ Grants and Loans Scheme), including regular educational grants, the state’s adult education grants, as well as other special grant schemes for educational applicants. The agency also has responsibility for sector- and institutional-related IT.

Furthermore, the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants contributes expert knowledge in the provision of ministerial services and policy development in cooperation with the Department.



The agency administers a budget of 3,7 billon euro, of which. appr. 150 million is focusing on innovation policy initiatives.




Kåre Nordahl Larsen

Phone: +45 7231 8430
E-Mail: knj@ufm.dk


See also: http://ufm.dk/en/the-minister-and-the-ministry/organisation/danish-agency-for-institutions-and-educational-grants