• 17.07 2014




    Interested in what went on at the Taftie Annual Conference in Warsaw on 10th June 2014?

  • 16.06 2014

    The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) has successfully finalised their application procedure with Taftie. After a visit of the Chairperson of the Membership Policy Group and a Troika Member to Bratislava in March 2014, the application of SIEA was discussed in the Executive Working Group resulting in a positive recommendation to the Taftie Board. On 11th June Miroslav Balog, Director of the SIEA Innovation Department and Eduard Jambor of the Communication Department, presented SIEA to the Taftie Board. The Board decided to appoint SIEA as Taftie Member. Welcome!

  • 10.06 2014


    The purpose of the TAFTIE Annual Conference “Growth financing- challenges in funding innovation for growth” is to debate on financing R&I among decision-makers and innovation support designers.

  • 06.06 2014



    The final programme of the Annual Conference can be downloaded here.

    We are looking forward to welcoming all of you in Warsaw!

  • 05.06 2014



    TAFTIE Annual Conference 2014
    follow the event live on twitter @TAFTIE_PL  #TAFTIE_innovation


  • 19.05 2014

    On 8 May 2014, the TAFTIE Expert Session II entitled “Promoting Innovation: a need or a must?” took place in Katowice, under the PARP Chairmanship. The meeting was organised as a part of the 6th European Economic Congress.

  • 07.04 2014

    The Taftie Task Force on Benchmarking Impact, Effectiveness and Efficiency (BIEE) has published its results. 


  • 17.03 2014

    On March 4th 2014 a Taftie Expert Session took place in Krakow with the title: Smart specialization as a compromise for horizontal vs sectorial choice?

  • 14.03 2014

    Dates proposed by the 2014 Chair PARP and approved by the Board on 26th November can be found here

  • 14.03 2014

    In the frame of the EU Innovation Convention 2014, EUREKA together with TAFTIE the European Association of leading national innovation agencies, organised a fringe session entitled SMEs in the European Innovation Area: how can we help them grow?