• 10.10 2011

    The European Commission is holding its first European Innovation Convention in Brussels on December 5th-6th. This is intended as a major annual event – the target is 1,200 participants – for stakeholders from across the innovation chain, including high-level policy makers, leading CEOs, deans of universities and research centres, bankers, venture capitalists, top researchers and innovators.

  • 07.10 2011

    The Best e-services to learn from in TAFTIE


    Vinnova’s e-Services Portal and NL Agencies Social and New media service have been selected as the best e-services to learn from. The services were chosen from 3 funding and 3 non-funding eServices that were presented on a joint Executive Working Group and TET task force meeting in Tallinn on 27.09.2011.

  • 05.10 2011
    • Country review of EU Member States and Associated countries
      This new section provides raw data in Excel as well as PDF tables for each country for 'R&D Intensity projections, 2000-2020', 'R&D profile, 2009', 'Average annual growth (%), 2000-2009', Co-publications between countries, Co-invented patent applications between countries etc.
  • 23.09 2011

    Tekes has published a revised strategy: Growth and wellbeing from renewal

  • 23.09 2011

    TAFTIE has responded to the Commission's consultation on the Green Paper on a Common Strategic Framework for future EU Research and Innovation Funding by sending in the paper.

  • 23.09 2011

    This new Guide provides potential recipients of EU funding for research and innovation with the practical information they need to access this funding.

  • 23.09 2011

    Global R&D investment by companies in Europe will grow by 5 per cent per year from 2011 to 2013, but most of this will be spent outside the EU.

  • 16.06 2011

    Earlier this year the Research Council of Norway launched its new “Strategy on international cooperation” for the period 2010-2020. An abridged English version highlighting the most important areas of focus and challenges is now available.

  • 16.05 2011

    In just 10 years, Switzerland has become a leader in technology innovation in Europe. It’s not yet on a par with Silicon Valley, but they are on the right path, says one German venture capitalist.

  • 07.04 2011

    A group of MEPs working on plans for the EU’s overall budget from 2014 are pushing for a big boost – to as much as €100 billion - for the next EU research programme, as Maria Da Graça Carvalho, Member of the European Parliament tells Science|Business.