VDI/VDE-IT - Germany



VDI/VDE-IT’s mission focuses on successful innovation where new technologies generate real economic and social impacts. VDI/VDE-IT promotes R&D&I by offering a comprehensive set of services for innovation programme management to public authorities. Being a non-governmental private innovation agency VDI/VDE-IT continuously strives to improve.


Managed Funding Budget
1.5 B€ in 2019


  • - VDI/VDE-IT is managing R&D&I programmes on behalf of the German Federal Government since 1978.
  • - VDI/VDE-IT covers a multitude of technological and non-technological innovation topics ranging from education system, electronics, high performance computing, and
  • energy storage to digitizing mobility, medicine, industrial processes, and cyber security.
  • - VDI/VDE-IT addresses the complete innovation chain from ideation, research, creation, business model generation, growth phase implementation, to global economic exploitations.
  • - VDI/VDE-IT provides all services for innovation programmes comprising programme management, strategic technology foresight processes, comprehensive market evaluations, socio-economic impact studies, performance monitoring, and beneficial stakeholder participation.
  • - VDI/VDE-IT engages in research about funding impacts to further improve running processes and accomplish better achievements.


600 employees


Wolfgang Gessner.
VDI/VDE-IT, Steinplatz 1,
10623 Berlin
phone: +49 30 310078-173
fax: +49 30 310078-225