Some short testimonials about TAFTIE-Academy events


2019 Testimonials - What is your most important learning experience of this event?


Staff Training Insights into the Innovation Process, 24-25 September 2019, Vienna

- let me organize knowledge in my head
 - learn how to deal with projects evaluation, what approach to innovation to use
 - come closer to understanding difference between innovation and invention 
 - it was very interesting to hear how other countries deal with this problem, and what experiences they have. You do good work!!! :)

Dorota Szczytowicz, PARP


It was great to meet and discuss with colleagues from different agencies from all over Europe

Lise Sund, Research Council Norway


How funding can be more tailored to reflect innovation process in reality incorporate linear aspects and systemic aspects.

How can design thinking, lean be reflected in the innovation framework either funding, monitoring etc.

Does the structure of our funding products accurately reflect both technology push or/and customer pull.

Andrew Wade, Innovate UK


The differences between the linear and systemic model of innovation and the consequences that this differences bring to the innovation agencies. It's a good mirror to hold up to the assessments that we do and use the question: "Why?"

Robert Schaap, RVO


Staff Training Evaluation Advanced, 18-19 September 2019, Bratislava

Methodology on some quantitative approaches to evaluation

David Sulz, TA CR


Good overview of the relevant topics, have got a well-structured picture on the basics, principles, methods of evaluation. Learning outcomes are reached.

Adam Meszaros, National RDI Office, Hungary


Networking Workshop Best Practice: International Innovation Missions, 06-07 February 2019, Luxembourg

The topic of the workshop was to the point. Everyone in the group shared some inspiring experience and it was very helpful to hear about different challenges and solutions present in various agencies. It was one of the best workshops I participated in.

Magdalena Zwolinska, PARP


I was very pleasantly surprised and I consider this experience valuable. Thanks to all who have helped to make it happen!

Lucie Bilá, TA CR


Very good opportunity to meet TAFTIE people from all over Europe, learn about their mode of operation and exchange best practices

Christopher Wolf, Project Management Juelich


Very helpful exchange - most of us are facing the same challenges!

Birgit Tauber, FFG


Networking Workshop Human Resources, 10 June 2019, Prague

It was a very nice and kind event! I have learned much more about other challenges of other similar organisations in other countries.

Very nice to meet other foreign people from these organisations. It´s good to learn and network with others.

Annie de Winter, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


Solid presentations, good research outputs and discussion. Good opportunity to meet with another agency colleagues across the EU to share best practice.

Jean O´Sullivan, Enterprise Ireland


I think it was an efficient workshop. Thanks to the host agency and Taftie. I am especially interested in the first and second presentation (about SoftPower Task Force and new demands on innovation agencies)

Burak Baikal, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey


A helpful and interesting insight into the HR work and future responsibilities and competencies of innovation agencies.

Petr Matolín, TA ČR


It was a very pleasant and meaningful day. Nice to hear the research and experience which other companies have about innovation. I met a lot of colleagues which I will deliberately contact because we all experience the same challenge.

Verginia Sardoje, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


I found this workshop very insightful and inspirational. Especially brilliant was the selection of guests/speakers and the involvement of heads/managers and even the HR specialists. I consider the concept of inspiring others with your success or failure and ways to overcome them to be very useful.

Stanislava Šimánková, TA ČR


The workshop was very well organised. The main topic for me was “Importance of leadership and its development” presented by Milan Rataj. I find very important to understand difference between manager and leader and to focus on leadership.

Also the presentation of Taftie Taskforce on the Soft Power was interesting for me and I hope that it would have another work consequences in the future.

Kateřina Kusáková, TA ČR


Networking Workshop Big Data, 26 June 2019, Brussels

Very interesting workshop, showcasing valuable initiatives to use data. This motivates me to see how my own organization could make better use of the data that we collect.

Damien Littré, Innoviris


Excellent location with excellent facilities. The staff were very friendly and helpful. A very informative and educational day.

Jim Barry, Enterprise Ireland


It was interesting to see different agencies working on the same topic with different methods. Sharing the knowledges and the methods used in big data will be interesting for agencies in the future. Thanks!

Philippe Mayer, Luxinnovation


Very inspiring key-notes! It was interesting to see, that use cases tackled are very similar and seems very reasonable to share experiences with each other. Thank you for a very informative and enriching day!

Marvin Herzan, FFG

Thank you for the organisation. It was punctual and we got treated well. Speakers were great. I hope to get more into details next time.

Petr Horák, TA CR


Inspiring, good to exchange experiences.

Marcel Seip, RVO


Networking Workshop Innovation Management in Innovation Agencies, 26 September 2019, Vienna

It was very valuable to discuss important aspects, experiences and do's and do'nts concerning innovation management within innovation agencies. Key learning: innovation within innovation agencies is complex, but when you start small with experienced coaches you can be successful.

Koen Septer, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


Far too short to deep dive into this topic, which deserves to be explored and peer-learned. This meet up generated the possibility to shape better questions.

Dounia Ouchene, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


It was interesting to learn that when it comes to innovating within innovation agencies, we all share similar challenges and there is a lot of work ahead of us.

Petr Matolin, TACR


The possibility to understand where other companies are is very important. We got some good ideas and contact.

Inge Laas, Enterprise Estonia


This format is very useful to exchange experiences within colleagues from other countries.

Relika Williams, Enterprise Estonia


What I liked the most: discussions how innovation teams are organized within organizations/innovation agencies & the governance of an innovative team/network.

Mijke Vriens, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


We are not the only agency struggling with innovation. This workshop was very lively, productive and great people to work with!

Harald Hochreiter, FFG





Staff Training Insights into the Innovation Process, 29-30 March 2017, Vienna, Austria

It's very good to have discussions with people from different organisations.

Heli Karjalainen, Tekes Finland


I really liked the organisation because of its environment. Different points of views are seen during the training and this is good experience for understanding the other cultures and their policy problems in their country. Hearing and trying to understand their problems gives lots of ideas about solutions in my country's policy problems. Hence, having such network and getting different points of view are brilliant experiences for me.

Cihan Aslan, TTGV Turkey 


I received great valuable information about the new approach to evaluation the innovation proposals. It was a pleasure to me to exchange the experiences with other participants. It's always a great pleasure to me to attend TAFTIE meetings and trainings.
Mojca Skalar Komljanc, SPIRIT Slovenia 


Through information and discussions we had during the training I got very useful insights and ideas about the role of the innovation agencies in the Innovation process. I believe, I can use this new knowledge at my work. Also the contacts I got from other participants are very important for future cooperation.
Igor Milek, SPIRIT Slovenia 


I found the TAFTIE staff training an excellent example of combining theory and best practices to foster learning! THe content was innovative, inspring and the mix of people with different backgrounds and cultures enriched the discussion. Thank you very much for organising and the professor for lecturing.
Jan-Willem Oosterbroek, RVO The Netherlands 


It was a great introduction into how innovation is "really" defined nowadays. Understanding the framework and exchanging with the other agencies enables to perceive the issues much better and consequently we can work out solutions. Great work by the professor and perfect organisation!
Alexander Link, Luxinnovation Luxembourg 


Networking Workshop Green Deals, 06-07 April 2017, The Hague, The Netherlands

The input and feedback helped me a lot on how to do better with the Flemish green deals. The fact that you can talk and discuss with people coming from several countries makes it also a learning course, besides the fact that it is nice to network at the same time.

Koen Miseur, VLAIO


I came to the workshop with a very vague knowledge of green deals. The combination of theoretic lessons, Plan-Game and visit at Delft gave me a complex picture and knowledge on that issues. So for me it was a perfect knowhow-transfer and experience exchange.

Martin Reishofer, FFG


The workshops was very well organised, and it provided really valuable insights and contacts! We will definitely discuss the possibilities of green deals in our own environment.

Sabine Mayer, FFG



Networking Workshop Financial Instruments, 16 May 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

Thank you for your kind invitation to the event. And for your excellent organisation. I really enjoyed the open and friendly atmosphere of our discussions and was happy to learn more about the activities of EIB, Bpifrance, Invega, Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and others.

Vladimír Bílek, European Commission, speaker



Very fruitful discussion based on strong presentations with good content. Very interesting to see that lots of member states are about to implement FI for a stage of technology transfers from research organisations/ Universities. Proof of Concept /Spin-Offs lacking in (financial) support, this gap is identified.

Thanks a lot for hosting us and the great organisation!!!

Stefan Berend, Luxinnovation, participant


I liked the event very much because I could share my knowledge and learn from experience of others. The participation of the European Commission and the EIB was highly appreciated. I´ve found out some details which I am going to implement in our country.

Inga Beiliuniene, Invega, speaker


Financial Instruments networking workshop was very interesting from our perspective. Discussing the implementation of different variants of financial instruments by different innovation agencies was a good learning experience. It was good to hear about the obstacles and related local solutions during the journey.

Merve Yasaroglu, TTGV, participant


Very well organized workshop, very open and with a lot of time to discuss with each other. The participation of the Commission and EIF was very useful to ask and answer questions. Practical work is always very difficult to organize, but whatever is the result, the way to do it is the most important. Thanks a lot for this invitation to participate.

Laure Reinhart, Bpifrance, speaker


The workshop was really good and well prepared. I appreciate most the variety and experience of speakers, as well as e-materials – presentations in e-mail.

I hope we will be able to implement some of the best practices (eg Bpifrance). 

Aleš Boček, TA CR external partner



Staff Training Evaluation Advanced 2017, 20-21 September 2017, Zagreb

Overall, training has provided a lot of useful information and data, as well as the best international practice examples - through the sessions and group exercises.

Dane Atanasković, Innovation Fund Serbia


Training gave opportunities to receive information needed for projects monitoring and evaluation. Due to several appoaches and a huge number of methods it is important to look for right way of chosen adequate options. Experience from other colleagues could also help thanks to this training.

Ivona Jerković, HAMAG-BICRO


A very good overview of evaluation methods and their flaws.

M. Seip, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


The training was comprehensive, interesting and inspiring. Very professional and interesting/interactive trainers.

Ivana Crnić Duplančić, HAMAG-BICRO


Intense, interesting, well structured training! Would suggest adding more pracice to the training.

Natalija Sandić, Innovation Fund Serbia


The training provides a clearly structured and comprehensive overview of different evaluation techniques. Also, the logic model is a very helpful instrument in my work.

Jouke Wortelboer, Netherlands Enterprise Agency



Networking Workshop Governance of Innovation Agencies, 4 October 2017, Vienna

Very professional and inspiring and well moderated.

Tatiana Skrakova, SIEA


Very good in depth discussions. Open atmosphere towards each other. Well hosted.

André Leinarts, RVO


The discussions were very intensive and I had a lot of insights that were only possible to have in such a workshop setting. Was great to participate.

Gaston Trauffler, Luxinnovation


It was a good workshop. Great to tell about our organisation. Good discussion! Thank you for the invitation.

Pieter van der Veen, RVO



Networking Workshop on Diversity

I think the workshop was very productive and interesting. I am convinced that it will let us start intensive cooperation on the subject. It was really good to know what kind of support is offered to SMEs in other countries. I am looking forward to the next meeting.

Karolina Piadlowska-Firlej, PARP


A brilliant meeting. This was the first time that a number of innovation agencies met to talk about diversity in innovation. Some positive actions came out of the meeting and I look forward to continuing to work alongside the great contacts I made.

Emma Bortnik, Knowledge Transfer Network


Wonderful to get this opportunity to collaborate and present my work. As a student, being included on this is a fantastic opportunity. Looking forward to further steps and follow-ups to continue this work and deepen connections.

Adams Nager, University of North Carolina


The workshop was very informational and met my expectation. The discussion was very exciting and the examples were very useful for my work. In my opinion there should be further discussion on collecting data on diversity - not only on gender and age, but also other topics like race, religion, mobility, etc.

Robert Zakrzewski, PARP




Staff Training Insights into the Innovation Process, 12-13 April 2016, Vienna, Austria

"The training was all very interesting and most useful. Christopher Mandl is a good teacher and also a good guide to assist us to reflect on specific and important questions related to what we do, why and how. Absolutely a good decision to participate in this training!"

Marianne H. Aandahl, Research Council of Norway


Networking Workshop Innovative Procurement, 9 June 2016, Vienna, Austria

"Thank you very much. I found this event very motivating and hope I will have the chance to join again."

Jana Slípková, TA ČR


"This kind of knowledge sharing is important. Only by getting people involved and motivated of the topic there will be further progress."

Markku Heimbürger, Tekes


Networking Workshop Impact Assessment on R&D public policies in the European context: data, procedures and methodologies, 28 June 2016, Berlin, Germany

"Good presentations and interesting discussions and I will recommend it to my colleagues."

Jonny Paulsson, Vinnova 


"I really enjoyed this impact. It shows the strength of the network. Prof. Heimer did a great keynote and moderation. Good mix of presentations and interaction."
Mike Timmermans, RVO 


"That was my first TAFTIE Academy and I really appreciate the sharing of experience and the inputs. ANI wants to start implementing IA, therefore participating in this workshop was very useful for us to learn the best practices of our collegues from TAFTIE."
Rosalina Soares, National Innovation Agency Portugal 




Staff Training "Insights into the Innovation Process", 23-24 September 2015, Vienna, Austria

"It was an inspirational training and I had interesting discussions during training and during breaks. I will come again if the theme and timing is appropriate."

Jonny Ivarsson Paulsson, VINNOVA


"I would like to come to more staff trainings and workshops in the future. Inspiring."


Networking Workshop Increasing coordination of internationalization activities of TAFTIE Agencies, 12 March 2015, Vienna, Austria

“Meetings like this are perfect opportunities to enhance cooperation. Agencies may only cooperate if people talk and think together. Thank you."

Julio Cesar Imenes, FINEP


"Good networking meeting and very informative. Excellent organization. Great to meet NFB's outside of the NCP Horizon and Eureka network."

Mike Timmermans, RVO


Networking Workshop Sharing practices and experiences on supporting and developing RTO’s, 16 April 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

“The workshop was very interesting. We could talk about experiences in different countries, exchange ideas. We have time for the discussion and we realized that it's not easy to implement one good solution and the role of RTOs isn't so clear."

- Ewa Planutis, PARP


Networking Workshop Digital platforms for open innovation and online matchmaking: an effective way to support enterprise development, 29 May 2015, Paris, France

A very valuable workshop with a great range of input and ideas. Having someone from the EC at the workshop provided added value. Exactly the sort of workshop TAFTIE should be doing."

- David Golding, Innovate UK


"This meeting on digital platforms was clearly a plus to foster further cooperation at the European level between public organizations and with the EU."

- Gilles Le Cocguen, BPI France


"The subject is very vital and important to discuss and share the experience on. It was very nice to get to know different approaches and hear several good practices of the topic."

- Joanna Kleszcz, PARP




Staff Training "Insights into the Innovation Process", 20-21 March 2014, Vienna, Austria

"The workshop was very informative and challenging some of our current principles. The atmosphere was very friendly and inviting for mutual learning and discussion. Also the organization and moderator were great!"

- Noa Ecker Amrani, Matimop


Staff Training "Evaluation Advanced", 23-24 June 2014, Brussels, Belgium

"This course was very valuable for me, I got a view into the evaluation problematic."

- Michal Petkov, TA CR


"Very kind atmosphere during seminar, good moderation."

- Ondrej Tusl, TA CR


Networking Workshop "Mentoring & Coaching (Key Account Management) and the new SME instrument", 8 October 2014, Vienna, Austria

"Thank you once again for the invitation. It was for me very important to be able to compare the theoretical knowledge to practice. Workshop - very inspiring!"

- Maya Wasilewska, PARP


"In enjoyed very much the scheme - rather a small group, discussion atmosphere, well structured and managed event. The exchange of best practise as well as current problems and challenges made me realise lot of things and gave me some new ides to implement."

- Tána Perglová, TA CR




Networking Workshop "Project monitoring", 24 October 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Simple plan is needed for complex subjects - so this was right level for this topic."

- Jens von Axelson, VINNOVA


Networking Workshop "How to get the prototype to the market", 5 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium

"Good organization, nice atmosphere, interesting people from different fields (different to my field). Very interesting key note with good key note speaker."

- Marina Rossi, PtJ Jülich


Networking Workshop "Preparing for Horizon 2020", 14-15 May 2013, Graz, Austria

"The discussions and exchange of knowledge between the colleagues from different agencies are very stimulating and highly appreciated and help to get prepared for Horizon 2020!"

- Ines Haberl, FFG


Networking Workshop "Follow UP WS: Monetary funding", 15 April 2013, Vienna, Austria

"Valuable on both theoretical and practical level!"
- Anna Wrobel, PARP

"I enjoyed the experience sharing with colleagues from different countries! This is a great platform for communication, too."

- Xiuhua Zhang, The Research Council of Norway


Networking Workshop "Project selection procedures", 19 March 2013, Madrid, Spain

"It was a good opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with people from other R&D financing international agencies. The event was very well managed by the moderator. It is very important to have common procedures and goals among agencies if we want to get a common European space. So this kind of event should be kept as a time regular procedure."
José M. Bueno, CDTI


Networking Workshop "Initiating joint programme evaluations", 24 January 2013, Brussels, Belgium

"It was very useful for networking purposes soncerning R&D tax schemes. I hope that this workshop is a startingpoint for further international collaboration and knowledge sharing on R&D tax schemes."

- Koen Septer, NL Agency




Staff training "Evaluation Advanced", 4-5 June 2012, Vienna, Austria
"Very welcome event in an important area which has very few training opportunities"
- Kevin Flynn, Enterprise Ireland


Staff training International Collaboration - "Are you puzzled with ERA?", 4-5 October 2012, Brussels, Belgium
"Thanks for the informative and excellently organised workshop!"
- Participant

"Nice interactive training --> Games and interactions kept everyone involved"
- Participant



Networking Workshop "Monetary Funding", 16th April 2012, Vienna, Austria

“An excellent way to extend my network with colleagues from other government agencies.”
– Karin Aase, VINNOVA

“An interesting start of a new type of networking workshop.”
– Klaus Schnitzer, FFG


Networking Workshop "Performance Measurement", 26th April 2012, Helsinki, Finland

"Good first impressions from Taftie Academy. It was really nice to meet with the persons who are every day facing the same questions"

- Janel Rebane, Enterprise Estonia


Networking Workshop "E-Identification", 19th September 2012, Birmingham, UK

"There was some stimulating discussion and the keynote injected some good energy and controversy into what could have been a pretty dry topic."

- Participant

"Excellent opportunity to hear experience from other countries at different stages in using e-identification."

- Participant


Networking Workshop "Internationalisation strategies", 25th October 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Well organised and fun. Inspirational!"

- Participant

"Very good structure, inspiring ideas, nice venue!"

- Participant