Task Force on State Aid 2014

On 18th December 2013 the Commission published the second draft of the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER), followed by the publication of the first draft of the Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (R&D&I) on 20th of December 2013.


On 12th February 2014, Taftie sent its comments on the drafts to the Commission.


TAFTIE’s comments on the second draft of the GBER

TAFTIE’s comments on the first draft of the Framework for state aid for R&D&I




The Taftie State Aid Task Force organised a seminar on the changing rules in Brussels on 14th October 2014.
The seminar was meant for persons responsible for the aid schemes in TAFTIE organisations, or people otherwise working closely with the aid schemes, that is those who must know the state aid rules.
People from relevant Ministries were welcomed to attend as well by invitation of their national Taftie member organisation.



The seminar consisted of two parts:

Morning part (from 10 to 13) with representatives from the Commission:

Speakers: Carlos Tenreiro,  DG Competition and Jean-David Malo, DG Research

Topics: Administrative issues, evaluation, publication, incentive effect, new instrument for infrastructures


Afternoon part (from 14 to 17) for discussion between Taftie members with questions/problems sent in in advance.

Topics: The experiences on evaluation, different types of aid instruments, what works for innovation aid, how to fund pilots, how to fund clusters, how to fund social innovation etc.




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