Taftie Expert Session I, Luxembourg, 7th February 2019

07.02 2019


Expert Session I

Scaling Start-ups, including relationships between innovation agencies and partners in the start-up ecosystem


13:30- 17:30 hrs

Venue: Chambre of Commerce
Address: 7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Date: 7th February 2019


This workshop will mainly address representatives from innovation agencies (Taftie members and international partners). It will be open to other stakeholders interested in the topic.





list of participants (as of 29th February)



12:30- 13:30        


13:30 - 14:00  Part I - Introduction
  Welcome and introduction
Sasha Baillie, CEO, Luxinnovation and Pascal Fabing

Presentation of knowledge capitalisation methodology and
the white paper to be produced

Jari Romanainen



14:00 - 15:15

Part II - Start up ecosystems and the role of agencies

  Introduction on the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg
Jean-Michel Ludwig, Luxinnovation

The role of politics and agencies in start-up ecosystems
Jari Romanainen



15:15 - 16:15     

Part III - Working Groups
  Please join one of the following sessions:

Incubator funding models: Do innovation agencies fund incubators and/or
provide incubation services? What are their relationships with incubators?

Moderation: Clément Lefort, Innoviris

  Relationships between business angel networks, crowfunding platforms and innovation agencies
Moderation: Maiia Deutschmann, Project Management Jülich
  The health sector: How do innovation agencies address specific issues related to
the development of healthtech start-ups? (e.g. exit-based investment models,
the funding of clinical trials, the issue of undertakings in difficulty etc.)
Moderation: Maarten Sileghem, VLAIO and Françoise Liners,
Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy

Scale-up phase: What instruments are used to support fast growth and internationalisation?
How do innovation agencies interact with financial intermediaries and develop the VC ecosystem?

Moderation: Group 1Christian Dubarry, Bpifrance Group Group 2 - Minna Suutari, Business Finland

16:15 - 16:35 Coffee break
16:35- 17:30 Part IV - Wrap-up and general discussion

Each working group table will present the summary of the discussion and issues to be addressed. 
Interactive discussions will follow with the audience, with a main focus on identifying opportunities
for innovation agencies, current issues faced by innovation agencies (mostly in terms of the
State Aid Regulation) and options to circumvent them.

  Closing Remarks - Ian Cresswell