Taftie Expert Session 1: Enabling and accelerating investment in innovation by exploring new ways of risk sharing

31.01 2020


TAFTIE Expert Session 1

Enabling and accelerating investment in innovation by exploring new ways of risk sharing


ANI’s Chairmanship of TAFTIE in 2020 will kick-off with an Expert Session focused on the fair share of risk that innovation agencies can assume together with innovators and other entities they support, so as to streamline the innovation cycle the most.


In an increasingly dynamic and complex environment for boosting innovation in Europe, innovation agencies must reflect on ways that enable them to provide the most adequate support to European innovators, helping them reach their highest potential. As public bodies, innovation agencies traditionally tend to focus on innovative ideas or projects with a higher risk, whilst other financial or support intermediaries intervene at a later stage when solutions are closer to the market uptake. Simplification of administrative procedures for financial instruments is thus essential, as well as tailored advisory and support services at the earlier stages of the development of new, innovative ideas and undertakings that innovation agencies deal with. Taskforces SELECT (2014-2016) and SOFTPOWER (2017-2019) have shed some light on this, recommending an approach to R&I support that prioritizes capacity building over the management of funding instruments, allowing for more diversified and tailored services to meet innovators’ requirements, thereby exploring new ways of sharing risk with them.  


But what is a fair risk for these agencies to assume without jeopardizing public funds? And to which extent should the risk be better balanced among different investors, either public or private? Assessing the potential value and the risk of an innovation is complex and involves substantial uncertainty. Nevertheless, innovation agencies’ risk tolerance may determine other investors’ willingness to cooperate in funding new ideas.


The Expert Session will thus try to answer these questions, by joining together TAFTIE agencies, investors, academics and other stakeholders involved in the support to innovators. It will be held in Porto, on the 20th of February, and will be followed by a social event and dinner. On the following day, TAFTIE representatives are asked to join the association’s 1st EWG meeting.



Venue: INESC-TEC Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science, Auditorium A

Address: Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal

Date: 20th February 2020


More information can be found here agenda 

We ask all interested agencies to please register, through the following registration link