Taftie Chair 2021 SIEA (Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency)


In 2021 Taftie  is chaired by SIEA (Slovakia)



SIEA's Taftie Chairmanship will focus on 4 key priorities:


- Resources, environment and climate

- Quality of life

- Co-operation and co-creation

- EU leadership in the healthcare and medical


Chairmanship 2021  brochure  



The Taftie Executive Committee



Peter Blaškovitš– Taftie Chairman of the Board

General Director of SIEA


Artur Bobovnický  – Taftie Executive Secretary
Director of Division of Innovations and International Cooperation, SIEA


Alexandra Vavrdová –  TaftieTreasurer

Project manager of SIEA



The Chairmanship Support


Michal Mühl – project manager of SIEA


Jana Heglasová  – project manager of SIEA



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