Taftie Chair 2020 Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI)



In 2020 Taftie is chaired by ANI (Portugal)


ANI's Taftie Chairmanship will focus on 4 key priorities:

Promote internal cooperation between

  • - Promote internal cooperation between TAFTIE agencies
  • - Explore new ways for TAFTIE to cooperate internationally (incl. a stronger engagement
       and dialogue with our International Partners)
  • - Clarify TAFTIE’s outreach objectives (incl. the relationship with other stakeholders,
       especially with the European Commission)
  • - Contribute to the development of innovation ecosystems with a better definition of
       the roles of innovation agencies


Chairmanship 2020 brochure


The Taftie Executive Committee


Eduardo Maldonado – Chair, President of ANI



Ana Ponte – Executive Secretary, Head of International Promotion Unit




Pedro Condé – Treasurer, Executive Director of ANI





The Chairmanship Support


Mafalda Dourado – International Promotion Director

Joana Ferreira – Head of Communication

Teresa Antunes – Legal Advisor of the Board of Directors

Nadine Teles – International Promotion Programmes Manager

Sofia Bravo – International Promotion Programmes Manager


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