Taftie and Eureka team up at the Innovation Convention 2014

12.02 2014

The European Commission is organising its 2014 Innovation Convention on March 10 & 11 in Brussels.

The Innovation Convention is an essential part of the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative, The European Union strategy which aims to create an innovation-friendly environment that makes it easier for great ideas to be turned into products and services that will bring our economy growth and jobs. The Convention provides a platform to debate and inform policies that will contribute towards the building of a research and innovation eco-system in Europe that can support this objective.


After the successful organisation of a workshop together with EARTO in 2011 at the first Innovation Convention, Taftie will cooperate this year with Eureka.

The title of the fringe session is:

         SMEs in the European Innovation Area - how can we help them grow?


Three panels will discuss, in a lively and innovative manner, the issues:

1. Cooperation between the networks  
"Are we really providing the best services for our SMEs in the pre-project phase?"

2. SME funding  
"Who says that our administration and funding of innovation programmes are SME friendly?!"

3. Venture Capital and Business Angels funding  
"Are you really preparing your SMEs for success?"


More information on the programme, speakers and registration can be found on the EU Convention 2014 page.