Taftie 2019 Luxinnovation Chairmanship

22.01 2019

Taftie 2019 Luxinnovation Chairmanship


In 2019, TAFTIE will be chaired by Luxinnovation, the National Innovation Agency of Luxembourg.

Ian Cresswell will assume the Chair and Pascal Fabing will be the Chairmanship Executive Secretary.


Luxinnovation’s Chairmanship is built around four priorities – the 4 “I”s.

These priorities are:


  • Inclusion: TAFTIE agencies are all diverse due to their adaptation to local contexts, but each agency brings a very valuable contribution to the Network. The experiences accumulated locally can guide other agencies when envisaging evolutions in their own ecosystem ;
  • Interaction: learning from each other requires indepth discussion on topics of common interest. Luxinnovation has designed three expert sessions that will offer the opportunity to structure these discussions;   
  • Innovation ecosystems: innovation can be very diverse in its forms. Deep technologies such as Biotech or Artificial Intelligence require different types of support than just business model innovation or the platform economy. It is important for innovation agencies to address these diverse forms and to shape innovation ecosystems such that different partners can act jointly in order to offer the best framework conditions for companies to flourish; 
  • Implementation Issues: there are many constraints that innovation agencies need to take into consideration when designing services and instruments. State Aid Regulation provides a common framework for European agencies. The Luxinnovation Chairmanship will focus on collecting key learnings of TAFTIE members in a white paper that will describe the issues that innovation agencies face when developing innovation ecosystems.


The programme comprises:


  • 3 Expert Sessions:

The first workshop, in February, will focus on scaling start-ups and the relationships between innovation agencies and incubators. In April, the second workshop will discuss Innovation advisory services and will explore the synergies that exist between innovation agencies, clusters, the European Investment Bank and the European Commission. Finally, in October, the discussions will focus on the role of innovation agencies in fostering knowledge and technology transfer.


  • 2 Conferences:

During its Chairmanship, Luxinnovation will also organise two conferences.

The Annual Conference in June will be open to the public. The objective will be to explore the meaning of mission-oriented research and innovation for innovation agencies. We all see the importance of better engaging with citizens in order to make our activities more accessible to the public. In addition, our support should target objectives that support Sustainable Development Goals.

In November, a Policy Forum on Digital Europe, organised in close collaboration with the European Commission, will end this year of Luxinnovation’s Chairmanship of TAFTIE.