Staff Training Evaluation Advanced

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Methodology on some quantitative approaches to evaluation

David Sulz, TA CR


Good overview of the relevant topics, have got a well-structured picture on the basics, principles, methods of evaluation. Learning outcomes are reached.

Adam Meszaros, National RDI Office, Hungary


Date & Place: 18-19 September 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia


Host: SIEA - Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency


Trainer: Eric Arnold & Cristina Rosemberg, Technopolis UK

Brief Description/Content

  • - Evaluation principles: a swift recapitulation
  • - Innovation systems: theory and heuristics of the roles of research and innovation in economic development and the rationales for state intervention
  • - Intervention logics: traditional and more advanced logic charting for evaluation and intervention design
  • - Ex ante evaluation
  • - Overview of qualitative methods, with focus on
    •     - Case study and the use of detailed qualitative study
    •     - Methods for long-term evaluation and impact analysis
    •     - Meta-analysis for evaluation and policy design
  • - Quantitative economic approaches
    •     - The uses and limits of econometrics in innovation evaluation
    •     - Quantitative approaches to counterfactual analysis
    •     - Cost-Benefit analysis
    •     - Using experiments in evaluation
  • - How evaluation interacts with behaviour: performance-based funding systems
  • - Peer review and its uses
  • - Systems evaluation and the systemic approach

The course will comprise a mixture of lectures, discussion and practical examples of the issues discussed in each session. We provided two evaluation examples ahead of the training course – one qualitative and one quantitative – to form a basis for discussion during the course.


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