Networking Workshop Best Practice: International Innovation Missions

The topic of the workshop was to the point. Everyone in the group shared some inspiring experience and it was very helpful to hear about different challenges and solutions present in various agencies. It was one of the best workshops I participated in.

Magdalena Zwolinska, PARP


I was very pleasantly surprised and I consider this experience valuable. Thanks to all who have helped to make it happen!

Lucie Bilá, TA CR


Very good opportunity to meet TAFTIE people from all over Europe, learn about their mode of operation and exchange best practices

Christopher Wolf, Project Management Juelich


Very helpful exchange - most of us are facing the same challenges!

Birgit Tauber, FFG

Date & Place: 06-07 February 2019, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, 7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg Kirchberg


Time: 6th February: 12:00 - 17:00 plus dinner

          7th February: 09:00 - 12:00


Hosts: Innovate UK and LuxInnovation


Speaker: Peter Dirken, Innovate UK

              Neill Ricketts, Versarien

              Amo Kalar, UK Government


Moderator: Kate Scheidecker Yarrington, Innovate UK

Brief Description

A networking workshop to exchange experiences and identify best practice on running international missions, principally innovation missions, but also considering inward missions and trilateral missions.


We shared each participating country’s approach to missions, with case studies, and discussing the factors leading to a mission’s success. We worked together to improve understanding on different approaches for different target geographies.


External speakers presented on the SME’s viewpoint on international missions, followed by presentations from participants, and facilitated group sessions to identify good practices.



For further information please contact Kate Scheidecker Yarrington: