Networking Workshop Innovation Management in Innovation Agencies

It was very valuable to discuss important aspects, experiences and do's and do'nts concerning innovation management within innovation agencies. Key learning: innovation within innovation agencies is complex, but when you start small with experienced coaches you can be successful.

Koen Septer, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


Far too short to deep dive into this topic, which deserves to be explored and peer-learned. This meet up generated the possibility to shape better questions.

Dounia Ouchene, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


It was interesting to learn that when it comes to innovating within innovation agencies, we all share similar challenges and there is a lot of work ahead of us.

Petr Matolin, TACR


The possibility to understand where other companies are is very important. We got some good ideas and contact.

Inge Laas, Enterprise Estonia


This format is very useful to exchange experiences within colleagues from other countries.

Relika Williams, Enterprise Estonia


What I liked the most: discussions how innovation teams are organized within organizations/innovation agencies & the governance of an innovative team/network.

Mijke Vriens, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


We are not the only agency struggling with innovation. This workshop was very lively, productive and great people to work with!

Harald Hochreiter, FFG

Date & Place:   26 September 2019, Vienna

Time:               10:00-17:00

Host:                FFG

Moderator:       Philipp Aiginger-Evangelisti, FFG

Brief Description

Innovation Agencies in TAFTIE are responsible for supporting R&D and Innovation in organizations, but are themselves often more structured for administering funds and providing services. But in rapidly changing times with new opportunities through to digitization, the development of new services, processes and programs become more important for Innovation Agencies. But are the structures and processes sufficient to encourage new ideas? Are there methods and tools to manage new ideas and support them? And what about the culture: Is there a culture of learning and experimenting? All these questions on how Innovation Agencies themselves can be more innovative, were discussed in the workshop.


Related Activities:

  • - FFG started the implementation of innovation management in 2019 and can present some learnings.
  • - The TAFTIE Task Force about experimentation (to be submitted for approval by the TAFTIE Board in June 2019) is handling the specific topic of experimentation, which needs an organization which is ready to innovate and learn.


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