Networking Workshop Human Resources

Annie de Winter, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

It was a very nice and kind event! I have learned much more about other challenges of other similar organisations in other countries.

Very nice to meet other foreign people from these organisations. It´s good to learn and network with others.


Jean O´Sullivan, Enterprise Ireland

Solid presentations, good research outputs and discussion. Good opportunity to meet with another agency colleagues across the EU to share best practice.


Burak Baikal, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey

I think it was an efficient workshop. Thanks to the host agency and Taftie. I am especially interested in the first and second presentation (about SoftPower Task Force and new demands on innovation agencies)


Petr Matolín, TA ČR

A helpful and interesting insight into the HR work and future responsibilities and competencies of innovation agencies.


Verginia Sardoje, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

It was a very pleasant and meaningful day. Nice to hear the research and experience which other companies have about innovation. I met a lot of colleagues which I will deliberately contact because we all experience the same challenge.


Stanislava Šimánková, TA ČR

I found this workshop very insightful and inspirational. Especially brilliant was the selection of guests/speakers and the involvement of heads/managers and even the HR specialists. I consider the concept of inspiring others with your success or failure and ways to overcome them to be very useful.


Kateřina Kusáková, TA ČR
The workshop was very well organised. The main topic for me was “Importance of leadership and its development” presented by Milan Rataj. I find very important to understand difference between manager and leader and to focus on leadership.

Also the presentation of Taftie Taskforce on the Soft Power was interesting for me and I hope that it would have another work consequences in the future.


Date & Place: June 10th, 2019, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Evropská 37, Prague 6

Time:             9:00 – 16:00 CET

Host:              Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Speakers:       Ani: Ana Ponte or Nadine Teles

                      NESTA: Alex Glennie

                      Trade Design: Milan Rataj

Brief Description

The ‘SoftPower’ task-force was established in 2017. Its main objective was to provide TAFTIE members with a clear picture of the competences that they should incorporate in the near future, based on the trends of the innovation promotion dynamics within the EU. It is evident that agencies should incorporate new personnel profiles, competences and soft skills. This requires, as mentioned in the Draft report, “innovation agencies’ thinking about the capabilities and skills they currently have and may need to recruit for in the future to be able to provide impactful support for their beneficiaries”.

The TAFTIE Academy Networking Workshop on HR was intended as an opportunity to enable discussion on the new challenges for HR management, having in mind the new strategic objectives of TAFTIE agencies. This discussion was based on the outcome of SoftPower report, as well as presentations focusing on leadership, its importance and development, performance management and recruitment strategies.



For further information, please contact Milena Vicenová (


Milena Vicenová

Phone +420 234 611 501

Evropská 1692/37

160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic