Networking Workshop Big Data

Damien Littré, Innoviris

Very interesting workshop, showcasing valuable initiatives to use data. This motivates me to see how my own organization could make better use of the data that we collect.


Jim Barry, Enterprise Ireland

Excellent location with excellent facilities. The staff were very friendly and helpful. A very informative and educational day.


Philippe Mayer, Luxinnovation

It was interesting to see different agencies working on the same topic with different methods. Sharing the knowledges and the methods used in big data will be interesting for agencies in the future. Thanks!


Marvin Herzan, FFG

Very inspiring key-notes! It was interesting to see, that use cases tackled are very similar and seems very reasonable to share experiences with each other. Thank you for a very informative and enriching day!


Petr Horák, TA CR

Thank you for the organisation. It was punctual and we got treated well. Speakers were great. I hope to get more into details next time.


Marcel Seip, RVO

Inspiring, good to exchange experiences.

Date & Place:  June 26th, 2019, Brussels

Time:              9:00 – 16:30 CET

Host:               Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Co-Host:          Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Moderator:       Davy Postelmans, Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Brief Description

Challenge: becoming a data-driven agency

Government agencies have typically access to a lot of data about the companies in their country/area. Possible datasets contain internal data on contacts, funding/financial support for innovation projects, other services delivered by the agency, etc. and eventually external data such as annual accounts, press, IPR data, participation in other funding schemes etc.

The main question is how the use of modern data-based techniques (such as analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence…) to gain useful insights from the available data, in order to:

1. support companies on an individual basis in a more accurate and efficient way

2. make agencies’ processes more efficient and effective

3. drive the strategy and offerings from the government agency


Main objective is stimulating economic growth of a whole region by making use of all available data.



For further information, please contact


Belgium - Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen    Czech Republic - Technologická agentura ČR

Davy Postelmans                                                      Milena Vicenová

T. +32 473 69 50 59                                                  T. +420 234 611 501

E.                                    E.

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