Networking Workshop How to involve the service sector

Testimonials - What is your most important learning experience of this event?


Great experience to meet & learn from our European neighbours

M. Daams, Innovation Norway


Very interesting, to get to know the different approaches from all the participating agencies. Different challenges but some similar solutions. Some details on the differenz evaluation criteria and procedures concerning the funding of RTDI in services gave also a deeper insight!

Martin Reishofer, FFG


We share a problem with definitions of what is innovation, what is R&D in services, what are the services/what is service sector. We share the problem of SMEs who don't know they can applicate for financial or advisory support. I wasn't aware of such a big growth of services/service sectors during last years. Very interesting lecture of Prof. Andreassen :)

Szmidt, PARP


I would like to thank the organisers for opening a theme which is a real issue and discussing it openly brought new insights and solutions, how to tackle it in our country. So the biggest take out are the ideas, solutions and possibilities to explore and apply in the future regarding R&D in service sector.

Sabina Žakelj Pediček, SPIRIT Slovenia


 - exchange of experience between countries & agencies; - open discussion & learning through examples & true experience; - personal touch & connections; - networking

Jacek Bukowicki, PARP


hearing about the grants and work processes of the other countries

Nicoline Werner, RCN

Date & Place: 25-26 February 2020, Oslo

Time:             lunch to lunch

Host:              The Research Council of Norway

Speaker:         Prof. Tor W. Andreassen, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), director of CSI - Centre for Service Innovation
Moderator:      Philip Lorentzen

Brief Description

In Norway, as in many other countries, the service sector has increased their share of the Norwegian economy. The companies within some of these industries, namely finance, tourism, creative industries and retail, are scarcely involved in our schemes.

We took the opportunity to discuss their increasing importance these industries and the challenges they face, as well as how we can increase their engagement in R&D&I activities in order to secure a sustainable growth. These branches of the service sector have both diverse and overlapping challenges some of which might be eased by R&D&I involvement.

Will these sectors have a place in Horizon Europe? Are these branches' needs for R&D&I met by relevant schemes on a national level?


An introduction lecture to challenges and research was given by professor Tor. W. Andreassen, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Examples from selected schemes and activities from agencies that have special measures for engaging these industries were presented and discussed.



  1. A better understanding of how these industries can be engaged in R&D&I activities both on a national and international level.
  2. A better understanding of barriers for R&D in these industries and the challenges that could be reduced by R&D in these industries



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