Networking Workshop: Gearing up for the mission approach

Testimonials - What is your most important learning experience of this event?


I'm impressed how advanced VINNOVA is in bringing "mission-oriented research" ontho the road. I will have to take some time to reflect on all the issues that were discussed to support my day to day work. Thanks a lot!

Frank Dreger, Project Management Juelich


Developing missions will not work unless we'll have the "whole system" at the table. If we keep talking to the actors we have always talked to, things will not change.

Romi Sasse, Project Management Juelich


Get to know more about how other agencies are working with Mission oriented R&I. Ideas on how to organize workshops on missions - and how to explain the urgency of thinking differently and reach out to politicians, agencies, stakeholders,… Food for thought: balance between national, European and global missions...

Tobias B. Strøm, RCN


Designing and delivering missions can involve a lot of complexity. Need structured processes and involve a range of stakeholder to get maximum benefit.

David Golding, Innovate UK


All organisations are confronted by the same questions and we have a lot in common, to discuss and learn from one another. I will definitely get in contact with some of the participants and come again to a TAFTIE meeting.

D. van Berlo, RVO


Im involved (even responsible) for developing the mission of my institution and I really now want to include in this process of mission elaboration the way of thinking which was presented during the workshop. This was a great thinking experience and inspirational for my work. I'm personally happy that we - as a group which we composed today - are kind or "care-takers" of important public issues and as we work in impactful institutions, I believe that we would be able to share in the near future how today's workshop change at least a bit our behavior at work.

Paulina, PARP


The mission-oriented approach was quite new for me but the workshop provided me with more information about the issue. It was interesting to exchange ideas and I highly appreciate the interactive workshop on how mission-oriented approach is done in practice. It has provided me with ideas that can be used in my everyday work when working on ideas. Thank you.

Amanda Bełdowska, PARP


Innovation and R&D doesn't go further hand by hand. If you can formulate your/or the mission you can reach earlier your/the aims. Co-creating is very important and the participants too.

Károly Szép, National Research, Development and Innovation Office


Importance of change on the organisational, collaborational und individual level. Organisational: organise teams around challenges and give them free hand in organising programs needed to answer the challenge under supervision of challenge directors. Collaborative: bring together science and innovation; Individual: listen to everyone.

Suzana Koelet, Innoviris


The workshop was for me very nurturing. It could be the kick-off of a European network/task force on designing missions in Europe and member states. Great office!

Emmanuel Glenck, FFG


it worked very well as a "social lab" - hard work, but also energizing (fun) - lots of good advice to carry home - in all: inspirational

Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, RCN


We all "struggle" with the new concept of mission innovation and we can really learn from each other. And it's good to gain the competences needed for this new way of thinking.

Joost Koch, RVO


Different country, different mentality and thinking, but we have time we can create new and sustainable method. This mission is working. Thank you!

István Batovszki, National Research, Development and Innovation Office


I very much appreciated the combination of presentations & practical work. There is a lot to do on missions and it's an accelerating business for our agencies. Please continue the work on it. We all have a long way to go.

Leo Van de Loock, VLAIO


Thought-provoking and very interesting event, superbly organised and super hospitality from VINNOVA - thank you! Excellent networking opportunity for me.

Jackie Fitzgerald, Enterprise Ireland


There is no wrong question, but there might be wrong answers.

Sławomir, PARP


Good introduction to mission way of thinking (which I will use in mission discussion setting up EU-PPP instruments). Group talks good to guide me in the interactive process. Nice training.

Francis Deprez, VLAIO

Date & Place: 24 January 2020, VINNOVA, Stockholm (+ dinner on 23 January)

Time: 09:00 - 16:30

Brief Description

The mission-oriented policy focus on solving complex societal challenges rather than on challenges in particular sectors, as in traditional industrial policy. The shift to societal challenges typically involves technological change, institutional and behavioural change as well as regulatory change. This change of focus demands new types of collaborations between public and private actors to solve them.
In the next research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe, the European Commission will incorporate research and innovation missions to increase the effectiveness of funding by pursuing clearly defined targets and thereby maximise the impact of investments.
Several innovation agencies in Europe have also geared toward a mission-oriented approach and there is a need to share the knowledge, experiences and challenges about this new approach.



Discuss and share thoughts, goals, experiences and challenges with a mission-oriented approach at a national level.



1) A better understanding of the mission-oriented approach;
2) Examples from selected agencies will facilitate the incorporation of a mission-oriented approach into your own organisation/country;
3) A better understanding of how to overcome obstacles



1) Discuss whether the mission-oriented approach works;
2) Solve all the identified challenges


Learning Outcome

Participants are better familiarised with the mission-oriented approach and have ideas on how to implement it at home.



For further information please contact Katarina Almquist Carnlöf (