Host Guide

You want to become a host for a TAFTIE Academy event?




Please use the Host Guide to dig into the details of this role.



This guide is prepared to provide all necessary information for the host organization with regard to planning, execution and reporting of the TAFTIE Academy events. As known, TAFTIE Academy provides a tailor-made and demand-driven programme for TAFTIE member agencies complementary to the agencies’ internal training and development offers, avoiding duplication of commercially available offerings.


The scope of this guide is limited to management of the TAFTIE Academy events within the TAFTIE Network, including cooperation and coordination with host organizations. All TAFTIE member agencies, as potential host organizations of the Academy events, will receive this guide. It is effective as of 2015.


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This document will undergo modifications if needed, which will be announced here. Current version: V4, 25.02.2020